Film score and sound design for Documentary 'Der Hegau'

Bild: SWR/Dirk Neumann Bild: SWR/Dirk Neumann

Its striking mountains, on whose top often a castle ruin is to be admired, make the region Hegau so special. For some mountains it can be guessed that they are of volcanic origin, but the volcanic, up to 100 m thick tuff layer can only be seen by people who pay attention to traces in stone.

That's exactly what Sven Plöger and Lena Ganschow's mission is when they are sent on a journey of discovery by director Dirk Neumann for his documentary from the SWR series "Spuren im Stein" as a proven presenter team.

The film score accompanies this journey and has in many parts orchestral cues, but also often works with electronic sounds, percussion or with acoustic and electric guitars. For computer animations, historical film shots and many other scenes, the images are supported with a detailed sound design to make them acoustically appropriate.

The documentary "Spuren im Stein - Der Hegau" will be broadcasted on 22.09., At 9:00 pm on SWR television and will then be available on the SWR media library. Further information can be found in the web special at


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