Music für Socialspot 'Agapedia'

If one asks children about their career aspiration – and if every dream came true – there would be masses of astronauts, veterinaries, engine drivers and digger operators. But if children grow up in a miserable setting, this could be shattered dreams and reality could be entirely different. Fortunately children are not aware of that yet.


Music for TV-commercial of R+V-Versicherungen

If one should describe the future with the help of a picture, what would it look like? Like a park bench populated with city pigeons or rather like a beach chair with a seagull shambling by in front? And how about flexibility? Similar to a forward bend, where the finger tips hardly reach the ankles or rather like setting the palm of the hand easily to the floor?


Music for TV-commercial 'Opel - Signs'

There are a lot of possibilities to give hints. And there are a lot of possibilities to read those signs. Some are e.g. rather subtle and others a broad hint. Directly after standing up the family man in the Opel-Spot “Signs” has to handle some hints of that second category and director Marc Hartmann accompanies our protagonist, when he swinging starts his day, keeping some messages for him.


Music for Opel-commercial 'Couple'

What should an old couple get worked up, when they stroll around in consensually silentness, like they always did in the last years? It seems a long time, since real enthusiasm impels to play one’s hunch. Director Marc Hartmann illustrates in his commercial “Couple” for automotive manufacturer Opel, that things can be different and that it does not depend on the age, whether a spark overleaps.


Filmscore, sound design und final mix for animated children’s film 'Anderswo'

Where goblins and sylvan elves live, where one’s afraid of “works” and where huge spiders reside, there is the world of “Anderswo”. In Carla Heinzels 3D animation movie we pursue an episode of a family living their life in Anderswo, ready for any adventure. Here we get to know two youngsters, sylvian elve Finn and goblin Schach. They are friends and play in the forest as the make a discovery, which brings them deep in trouble. 

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