Film score, sound design and final mix for room installation '3 – Die Liebe ist der Dieb'

If you think of love and only that beautiful and romantic love comes into your mind, you can be sure, that a substantially part is missing. That’s the reason why director Dirk Lehner introduces in his movie „3 – Die Liebe ist der Dieb“ both sides of love by his protagonists: „She-Love“, the pure, sublime, nearly divine part of love and “He-Love”, the doubting, unromantic part, who although does his work with best intentions regarding the lovers.


Film score for documentary '08/15 – Leben am Rand von Köln'

In Cologne’s subway station „Köln-Chorweiler“ are big black and white portraits of several people. Although these persons obviously have been pictured in their home, presenting a part of their private life, there’s nothing else told about them. Director Sandra Jakisch wanted to know, which individuals and destinies are behind those pictures and what happened to that persons until today.


Film score for documentary 'Schöne virtuelle Welt'

 Welcome to the parallel universe of Counterstrike and co. The documentary from Angélique Kommer accompanies people, who spend plenty of their time in virtual reality – either playing network-games or surfing in the web – and presents their opinions and habits.


Film score for short film 'Adam in VR' for documenta 11

For most of us Adam and Eve are firmly connected with the biblical beginning of mankind and thus automatically related with the past. In the movie „Adam in VR“ from Angelique Kommer we meet them nevertheless in the future, making their experiences with virtual realities. Adam gets emotional deeply touched by watching going-ons on reproduced realities but he also blunts quickly. Only the real touch in terms of Eve’s hug, gets him touched emotional again.


Film score for short film 'Wie man einem toten Hasen die documenta erklärt' for documenta 11

The long-known story of Hare and Tortoise takes place in a totally new setting, namely documenta 11. Refering to Joseph Beuys’ campain, in which he explains pictures of an exibition to a dead bunny, the rabbit of our movie comes back to life and bounces from the 2D-animated world into the reality of documenta 11. Thus the race runs its course and the viewer undergoes documenta from a rabbit’s point-of-view – in a speed, which the competition with the hedgehog brings along.

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