Film score and sound design for documentary 'Der Hunsrück'

Photo: SWR Photo: SWR

The fact that the Hunsrück has much more to offer than its obviously beautiful landscapes and forests, becomes clear at the latest when you go into the depths of the low mountain range. There emerged e.g. gemstones glittering in mighty lava rock views, whose existence, from the historical mining and refining, to the present day in the high-tech laboratories of crystal growth, help to shape the history of the people of this region.

But also the slate and copper mining, the curious history of Schinderhannes and many other special features are firmly linked to the Hunsrück, which are staged by director Harald Brenner and presented by the presenters Sven Plöger and Lena Ganschow.

The film score moves between several poles. Depending on thematic focus of the movie, a more classical, orchestral score, sometimes together with a piano is heard; but also cues with a rockier approach and distorted electric guitars or a more electronic, hypnotic music are part of the film score.

To make Pre-historic worlds above and below water, laser welding, mining and many other slow-motion or real-time sequences in the movie audible, the images are also supported by a tailor-made sound design.

The documentary "Traces in the Stone - Der Hunsrück" will be broadcasted on SWR-TV on April 15, at 8:15 pm and will be available in the SWR-Mediathek afterwards. zu finden."

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Additional Info

  • Credits:


    • Filmmusik: Frank Schreiber
    • Sounddesign: Frank Schreiber


    • Regie: Harald Brenner
    • Produktion: SWR
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