Film score and sound design for documentary 'Spuren im Stein: Die Geschichte der vulkanischen Eifel'

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The Eifel, which looks so idyllic today, does not necessarily suggest at first glance that the most powerful volcanic eruption in Central Europe over the last million years took place here, just under 13,000 years ago. But the natural disaster at this time also had positive side effects that the Romans already knew how to use.

Director Dorothea Maria Schwab highlights this and even more amazing facts about the volcanoes of the Eifel in her documentary "The History of the Volcanic Eifel". The viewer learns not only how the volcanic rock has been used for thousands of years by humans or animals. We also learn, what still escaping gases from the soil of the Eifel tell us about the current volcanic activity in the region or that beautiful and rare gems can be created during a volcanic eruption.

The film score is manly orchestral and rather large. Thus, a darker and more epic music sounds at the outbreak of the Laacher See volcano, or a more mystical music, when dealing e.g. with sediment drilling or gems. But also idyllic or exciting musical moments can be heard in the course of the documentary.

The visually stunning animations of erupting volcanoes, as well as many other spots in the movie 
require a very detailed and sometimes bombastic sound design, in order to do justice to the forces of nature represented in the film.

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The film score has been awarded with the „Crystal Pine Award“ in the category „Documentary Feature“, at the International Sound & Film Music Festival in Croatia.

"The History of the Volcanic Eifel" is the fourth of a total of four episodes from the series "Spuren im Stein" and can be found in the webspecial of the series: 


Additional Info

  • Credits:


    • Filmmusik: Frank Schreiber
    • Sounddesign: Frank Schreiber


    • Regie: Dorothea Maria Schwab
    • Produktion: SWR
  • Awards:


    • The film score has been awarded with the „Crystal Pine Award“ in the category „Documentary Feature“, International Sound & Film Music Festival, Croatia
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