Film score and sound design for documentary 'Spuren im Stein: Die Geschichte des Saarlands'

Photo: SWR/Tilman Büttner Photo: SWR/Tilman Büttner

The Saarland has a turbulent history, not only from a political but also from a geological point of view. Thus, in the deeper layers of the earth, it can be traced back over several hundred million years, as e.g. the coveted raw materials of the Saarland have arisen.

The documentary "The History of Saarland" by director Tilman Büttner impressively shows under what circumstances the rich coal deposits of the Saarland had been formed from a huge, tropical forest area of ​​the Carbon Age, as presenter Sven Plöger explains among other things.

In the third episode of
 "Spuren im Stein" the film music moves more on modern terrain and there are few orchestral cues. For example I here are sound collages to images of the Carboniferous forest, mixed with an atmospheric sound design or electronic ambient music in the scenes underground or on the heaps. A heavier gait sets the music when it comes to iron, where harsh beats and distorted sounds underline the raw power of iron processing. But there are also gentle e-guitar sounds to hear, when, for example, we learn about winegrowing in Saarland.

Not only the numerous animations, partly with atmospheric underwater worlds, made a detailed sound design necessary, but also the high speed recordings and many other places in the film.

"The History of Saarland" is the third of a total from the series "Spuren im Stein" and can be found in the webspecial of the series under the following link:


Additional Info

  • Credits:


    • Filmmusik: Frank Schreiber
    • Sounddesign: Frank Schreiber


    • Regie: Tilman Büttner
    • Produktion: SWR
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