Film score and sound design for documentary ‘Morgen wird es schöner sein’

Morgen wird es schöner sein Morgen wird es schöner sein

When a primary school student sets off for his daily journey to school, it is unlikely that anyone expects hundreds of meters to be covered in narrow, unsecured paths over several hours. Unless the student lives in the Chinese province of Sichuan and goes there to Gulu Elementary School, where this way to school is part of everyday life.

In her documentary film "Morning Tian Hui Geng Hao", director Hongjie Xu shows in impressing pictures the simple and sometimes hard life in the Chinese mountain idyll and the unusual operation of the elementary school far away modern world.

The film score describes the idyllic world of Gulu with traditional Chinese string instruments, flutes and percussion, as well as the simple and barren life there. Organic, electronic sounds are also used to create a spherical music or surreal moments.

The movie celebrates its world premiere at the 67th Film Festival in Locarno, which is why currently only some audio examples of the film music can be made online.



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Additional Info

  • Credits:


    • Filmmusik: Frank Schreiber


    • Regie: Hongjie Xu
    • Produktion: Hongjie Xu


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