Film score, sound design and final mix of animation movie 'Captain Bligh'

Captain Bligh Captain Bligh

A ship, a canon and a resolved captain are a bad combination for every hostile ship around. In Derek Roczens animation movie is the situation not that straightforward as one might suppose, because of surprisingly technical problems of an entirely new manner.

The children’s film is completely hand-drawn and made alive by 2D-animation. It gets along without dialogues, which makes him for children internationally comprehensible. The film score consists of a march in a military-like style, with its respective instrumentation and comes in with a twinkle in its eyes. Just like our captain does – but he would never admit that...

Captain Bligh is in competition at 54th Berlinale, in the section of the „Kinderfilmfests 14plus“.

The movie has been shown on over 80 film festivals all over the world so far and we are happy, that it is now part of the official Berlinale DVD „Berlinale Generation – die besten Kurzfilme aus dem Kinderprogramm“, which shows the best children movies from 2002-2007, that have been in competition at Berlinale. 

Furthermore Captain Bligh has been selected to be part of the permanent exhibition at the “Kinderfilmhauses Ludwigsburg”.

Last Captain Bligh found its way to the compilation-DVD "Shorts for Kids" of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The DVD can be purchased directly from the Filmakademie oder on Amazon.



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