Music for Palmberg corporate film

„I fancy the office!“ is the claim of Palmberg, one of the biggest office furniture manufacturer in Europe, doing its very best to make it ring true – at least when it comes to the interior design of an office. To let everyone know about the passion and demands on manufacturing their products, the corporate film from director Marc Hartmann gives an insight into the production processes and product lines with aesthetic images.


Music for Converse Viral 'Mentalgassi'

When a spark is overleaping, a potential unfolds – be it in a scientific view as electrical energy or in the arts, e.g. when there’s electricity in the air between musicians and audience or when one gets touched by an artwork, because it’s got something special. Getting in touch with arts happens in Berlin’s daily life more often than one thinks, because the street-art collective “Mentalgassi” integrates form and function of e.g. public everyday objects, like bottle banks or ticket validation machines, fundamentally into their arts.


Music for dressage-performance of 'Yvo und Primadonna'

To work with a prima donna is usually a doubtful pleasure, because said dames are considered to be complicated personalities. In the case of Yvo Antoni fortunately everything looks completely different. His prima donna is called Primadonna and is a highly uncomplicated and pleasant Jack-Russel lady dog.