Film score, sound design and final mix for animated films by Trelleborg

Trelleborg - T-Hero Trelleborg - T-Hero

The automotive industry has a new superhero: T-Hero. Together with his lovely assistant Fee he's Johnny on the spot bringing advice and help whenever car manufacturers run into problems with seals. As a specialist in the automotive industry, Trelleborg commissioned two animated films with each film showing T-Hero and Fee on a new mission.

A complete audio layer has been created for the films. On the one hand it has a dynamic, sometimes cartoon-like sound design contributing to the tongue in cheek nature of the film, and on the other hand it's a score that meshes perfectly with the image.

The music was created with bass, percussion, vibes, beats and scratches. It begins with a subdued, problem-oriented atmosphere that's later replaced by the T-hero theme just as he and Fee come up with the solution to the problem.



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