Music for dressage-performance of 'Yvo und Primadonna'

Primadonna Primadonna

To work with a prima donna is usually a doubtful pleasure, because said dames are considered to be complicated personalities. In the case of Yvo Antoni fortunately everything looks completely different. His prima donna is called Primadonna and is a highly uncomplicated and pleasant Jack-Russel lady dog.

But how complicated it must have been to teach her all those tricks Yvo and Primadonna perform in their show is hardly to imagine.

The dressage-performance is about four minutes long and requires a lot of tact and acrobatic skills. This performance ought to have a new music, whereas the dramaturgy was determined by the fixed sequence of the feats and the atmosphere by their moods.

The music is split into two styles: On the one hand it has a show-like character for the intro, finale and outro of the show and has been composed and arranged for Big-Band and drums. The other style is a bit circus-like, quirky and comical and produces with tuba, trombone, trumpet, xylophone, viola and drums - from cheerful to suspenseful - the desired mood.

The music also supported Yvo Antoni and Primadonna in Germany's famous RTL-Casting Show „Das Supertalent“, where the sympathic Duo has been chosen for Supertalent 2009 and won the competition. 



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