'Bear’s Bride' and 'Mercury Bird' selected to be part of IFA-exhibitions

The animation movies „Bear’s Bride“ from Derek Roczen und „Mercury Bird“ from Ina Findeisen have been selected to be part of the worldwide exhibition „Animated Films from Germany“ from German “Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen” IFA (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations). The exhibition starts in Israel and will be shown in likely more than 20 cities all over the word, partially in cooperation with Goethe-Institut. Tel-Aviv, Riga und Vilnius are remaining 2010.


Film score for animated movie 'Mercury Bird'

Whether a great discovery will be a benefit for the world or to its disadvantage, does not depend on the discovery itself, but rather on the way it will be used. That’s also the case in Ina Findeisens 2D animation movie. She shows us an enchanting, well protected world, where various animals live together in a wood and feed troublesome. One day the young Panda makes a discovery in the forest, which brings one of the adults to an idea how to get easily around to a lot food – and greed comes up, fading everything else from the spotlight.