Film score, sound design and 5.1-final mix for animated movie 'Bear’s Bride'

Meetings between man and bear are doubtful most of the time. Too often they result in headlines like “Bear eats man”, Man kills bear” or people only know circus-, zoo- or problem-bears. The 2D animation move “Bear’s Bride” from Derek Roczen also tells from such a meeting, but of different cast, as a young bear and a young woman come across in the forest and become friends quickly. From now on they live together, share bed and hut and would probably live happily ever after, if the bear wouldn’t grow up more and more and reaches adulthood.


Film score, sound design and 5.1-final mix for animated movie 'Pebblestone'

To see the world through the eyes of a child is for an adult sometimes hard to do. While terms like playing, romping or tinkering are not that important in the adulthood, they are absolutely essential for children. Coupled with fantasy in great quantities – which regarding to children actually is always overabundant – an adventure might enfold, like little Lisa experiences in the 3D animation movie “Pebblestone”.


Film score, sound design and final mix for room installation '3 – Die Liebe ist der Dieb'

If you think of love and only that beautiful and romantic love comes into your mind, you can be sure, that a substantially part is missing. That’s the reason why director Dirk Lehner introduces in his movie „3 – Die Liebe ist der Dieb“ both sides of love by his protagonists: „She-Love“, the pure, sublime, nearly divine part of love and “He-Love”, the doubting, unromantic part, who although does his work with best intentions regarding the lovers.