Musik for fourth season of 'Wissen vor acht - Werkstatt'

In the fourth season of "Knowledge before Eight - Workshop" Vince Ebert explains scientific phenomena and small and large questions of everyday life.This for the science cabaretist in the episodes 157-179 again slips in in various roles and frightens even bizarre experimental setups and reckless maneuvering in order to convey the necessary knowledge in the service of science.


Film score for motion picture 'Mes - Walking' and its trailer

Friendship is something wonderful. Under ideal conditions it also develops, when obvious differences, e.g. in age, look or style, don’t let it show that two people are connected deep inside despite outward appearance.

“Walking” (“Mes”), the Kurdish motion-picture from director Shiar Abdi, deals with such a friendship. The movie is set in the 1980’s, where Cengo (Abdullah Ado), a twelve year old boy and the odd, dumb and slightly mentally deranged Xelilo (Selamo) – a man living in an old garage and scuffing and striding up and down in front of the town hall day after day – slowly become friends. They spend more and more time with each other and with Cengo’s friends, as they unexpectedly are drawn into the tribulations of the Turkish take-over of power, which radically changes their lives and those of their families and friends.


Music for TV commercial 'Munich' of Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL)

Annecy, Pyeongchang, Munich – nothing has been decided yet when it comes to the question who might host the Olympic Winter Games 2018, and each of these cities looks ahead excitedly to the choice of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

If it was up to the Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL), the decision would be clear. With their current TV commercial “Munich” they support Munich’s candidacy for the Olympic application and for that reason director Marc Hartmann fields Katarina Witt, Jürgen Klopp, Lukas Podolski and other sports professionals.


Film score for 'Die Story' 'Goldene Zeiten – Das heuchlerische Geschäft mit dem Gold'

Probably most people who possess gold don’t think about where it comes from and how it has been produced. That’s why they don’t know that most of the gold gets mined highly industrialized in open-pit mines and beside destroying the landscape thereby, the environment, employees and people living near by that mines come in contact with Cyanide, a highly toxic chemical, which is used in great quantities for gold mining.


Music for Converse Viral 'Mentalgassi'

When a spark is overleaping, a potential unfolds – be it in a scientific view as electrical energy or in the arts, e.g. when there’s electricity in the air between musicians and audience or when one gets touched by an artwork, because it’s got something special. Getting in touch with arts happens in Berlin’s daily life more often than one thinks, because the street-art collective “Mentalgassi” integrates form and function of e.g. public everyday objects, like bottle banks or ticket validation machines, fundamentally into their arts.


Music for radio commercial of German ministry of the environment

It’s not a secret, that politics is sometimes similar to poker: it’s often about strategy, pokerfaces and how to keep one’s cards close to the chest. The new radio commercial of German ministry of environment “BMU – Poker” is also about poker. Here in a round of poker with his friends a player throws his car key into the pot – but if you ask his friends about that car, the cards are definitely stacked against him.


Music for TV-commercial of R+V-Versicherungen

If one should describe the future with the help of a picture, what would it look like? Like a park bench populated with city pigeons or rather like a beach chair with a seagull shambling by in front? And how about flexibility? Similar to a forward bend, where the finger tips hardly reach the ankles or rather like setting the palm of the hand easily to the floor?