Film score, sound design and final mix for Philips educational movie

Who actually knows exactly the meaning of “sudden cardiac death”, how to identify it and how to administer first aid, if necessary? And who actually knows exactly what a defibrillator is, how to handle and where to find one, when urgently needed?

Many people think these questions are not very important, because they are far away from daily life. But every second counts, if the extreme situation appears, in which a person in the close proximity suffers a sudden cardiac death - and with a little bit knowledge and acting without delay a live can easily be saved.


Captain Bligh selected for official Best-of-Berlinale Short Film Reel from children’s programme

Captain Bligh, Derek Roczen’s animation movie for children, has been selected to be part of the Best-of-Berlinale Short Film Reel “Berlinale Generation – die besten Kurzfilme aus dem Kinderprogramm“. The film has been shown on over 80 film festivals all over the world so far and we are happy, that it is now part of the collection of the best children movies from 2002-2007, that have been in competition at Berlinale. It is available with other selected films on DVD as from now.


Film score, sound design and 5.1-final mix for animated movie 'Pebblestone'

To see the world through the eyes of a child is for an adult sometimes hard to do. While terms like playing, romping or tinkering are not that important in the adulthood, they are absolutely essential for children. Coupled with fantasy in great quantities – which regarding to children actually is always overabundant – an adventure might enfold, like little Lisa experiences in the 3D animation movie “Pebblestone”.


Filmscore, sound design und final mix for animated children’s film 'Anderswo'

Where goblins and sylvan elves live, where one’s afraid of “works” and where huge spiders reside, there is the world of “Anderswo”. In Carla Heinzels 3D animation movie we pursue an episode of a family living their life in Anderswo, ready for any adventure. Here we get to know two youngsters, sylvian elve Finn and goblin Schach. They are friends and play in the forest as the make a discovery, which brings them deep in trouble.