Film score for documentary 'Future Works'

Most people have it and those who don’t, want it… work.

For many of us work is meaningful and fulfilling, on the other hand for others it is an un-loved and necessary evil. It claims the main part of a human’s lifetime. But at its heart work is constantly evolving and many of the concepts of working, which seem to be nor-mal and self-evident to us since the age of industrialization, are in fact comparatively young and might even lose their universality in the future. So how will we work in the future? Director Natasa von Kopp follows up on those and associated questions about the future of work for German TV station SWR.


Nomination of the film score of 'Mes - Walking' and 'Palmberg' for Jerry Goldsmith Award

The film score of the Kurdish feature film “Mes - Walking“ and the music of the corporate movie “Palmberg“ are both nominated at the 7. International Film Music Festival - City of Ubeda for the Jerry Goldsmith Award 2011. The music of “Mes - Walking“ is in competition as finalist in the category “Best music in full-length format“ and the music of “Palmberg“ in the category “Best music in promotional“.


Film score and sound design for the documentaries 'Weizen'

Based on the movie “The wheat we eat“ the topic about one of the most important crop plants enters the next round. This time director Dirk Neumann explains for German TV station SWR everything you need to know about wheat and its processing on the basis of two documentaries. Part 1 (“Weizen – Von der Aussaat bis zur Ernte“) shines a light on production processes, whereas part 2 (“Weizen – von der Mühle zum Brot“) deals with the processing of wheat.


Film score for motion picture 'Mes - Walking' and its trailer

Friendship is something wonderful. Under ideal conditions it also develops, when obvious differences, e.g. in age, look or style, don’t let it show that two people are connected deep inside despite outward appearance.

“Walking” (“Mes”), the Kurdish motion-picture from director Shiar Abdi, deals with such a friendship. The movie is set in the 1980’s, where Cengo (Abdullah Ado), a twelve year old boy and the odd, dumb and slightly mentally deranged Xelilo (Selamo) – a man living in an old garage and scuffing and striding up and down in front of the town hall day after day – slowly become friends. They spend more and more time with each other and with Cengo’s friends, as they unexpectedly are drawn into the tribulations of the Turkish take-over of power, which radically changes their lives and those of their families and friends.


Film score and sound design for documentary 'The wheat we eat'

Wheat has been cultivated by mankind for several thousand years and even today, it’s one of the most important staple foods there are. But where does all that wheat actually come from? How is it grown, harvested, processed and where and what is it used for? Director Dirk Neumann explores that question with his documentary “The wheat we eat“ for the German TV station SWR. His movie is a production for the educational television programme “Planet Schule”, which is a collaborative project of SWR and WDR. He vividly explains all the different processes wheat has to go through - from seed to mill and beyond.


Film score for 'Die Story' 'Goldene Zeiten – Das heuchlerische Geschäft mit dem Gold'

Probably most people who possess gold don’t think about where it comes from and how it has been produced. That’s why they don’t know that most of the gold gets mined highly industrialized in open-pit mines and beside destroying the landscape thereby, the environment, employees and people living near by that mines come in contact with Cyanide, a highly toxic chemical, which is used in great quantities for gold mining.


'Bear’s Bride' and 'Mercury Bird' selected to be part of IFA-exhibitions

The animation movies „Bear’s Bride“ from Derek Roczen und „Mercury Bird“ from Ina Findeisen have been selected to be part of the worldwide exhibition „Animated Films from Germany“ from German “Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen” IFA (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations). The exhibition starts in Israel and will be shown in likely more than 20 cities all over the word, partially in cooperation with Goethe-Institut. Tel-Aviv, Riga und Vilnius are remaining 2010.


Film score for animated movie 'Mercury Bird'

Whether a great discovery will be a benefit for the world or to its disadvantage, does not depend on the discovery itself, but rather on the way it will be used. That’s also the case in Ina Findeisens 2D animation movie. She shows us an enchanting, well protected world, where various animals live together in a wood and feed troublesome. One day the young Panda makes a discovery in the forest, which brings one of the adults to an idea how to get easily around to a lot food – and greed comes up, fading everything else from the spotlight.


Film score, sound design and final mix for Philips educational movie

Who actually knows exactly the meaning of “sudden cardiac death”, how to identify it and how to administer first aid, if necessary? And who actually knows exactly what a defibrillator is, how to handle and where to find one, when urgently needed?

Many people think these questions are not very important, because they are far away from daily life. But every second counts, if the extreme situation appears, in which a person in the close proximity suffers a sudden cardiac death - and with a little bit knowledge and acting without delay a live can easily be saved.