Filmscore, sound design und final mix for animated children’s film 'Anderswo'

Where goblins and sylvan elves live, where one’s afraid of “works” and where huge spiders reside, there is the world of “Anderswo”. In Carla Heinzels 3D animation movie we pursue an episode of a family living their life in Anderswo, ready for any adventure. Here we get to know two youngsters, sylvian elve Finn and goblin Schach. They are friends and play in the forest as the make a discovery, which brings them deep in trouble. 


Film score, sound design and final mix for room installation '3 – Die Liebe ist der Dieb'

If you think of love and only that beautiful and romantic love comes into your mind, you can be sure, that a substantially part is missing. That’s the reason why director Dirk Lehner introduces in his movie „3 – Die Liebe ist der Dieb“ both sides of love by his protagonists: „She-Love“, the pure, sublime, nearly divine part of love and “He-Love”, the doubting, unromantic part, who although does his work with best intentions regarding the lovers.


Film score for documentary '08/15 – Leben am Rand von Köln'

In Cologne’s subway station „Köln-Chorweiler“ are big black and white portraits of several people. Although these persons obviously have been pictured in their home, presenting a part of their private life, there’s nothing else told about them. Director Sandra Jakisch wanted to know, which individuals and destinies are behind those pictures and what happened to that persons until today.