film score and sound design for documentary 'Salz'

The fact that nowadays immediately available salt was a treasure in former times, is meanwhile hardly conceivable, if it is scattered tons on streets and sidewalks in the winter. Furthermore salt is an indispensable part of industry, and it is also used far away from food in many industrial products.


Film score and sound design for Documentary 'Der Hegau'

Its striking mountains, on whose top often a castle ruin is to be admired, make the region Hegau so special. For some mountains it can be guessed that they are of volcanic origin, but the volcanic, up to 100 m thick tuff layer can only be seen by people who pay attention to traces in stone.


Film score and sound design for documentary 'Der Hunsrück'

The fact that the Hunsrück has much more to offer than its obviously beautiful landscapes and forests, becomes clear at the latest when you go into the depths of the low mountain range. There emerged e.g. gemstones glittering in mighty lava rock views, whose existence, from the historical mining and refining, to the present day in the high-tech laboratories of crystal growth, help to shape the history of the people of this region.


Film score and sound design for documentary 'Das Nördlinger Ries'

Seen Nördlingen from bird’s eye view, a gigantic crater with a diameter of about 25 km can be guessed: the Nördlinger Ries. How this was created, why the astronauts of the Apollo Mission rehearsed here for their moon landing and which advantage the FC Bayern promises of this extraordinary area, are just some of the many regional features to which the film is dedicated.


Film score and sound design for documentary 'Was wird aus Kartoffeln?'

Moving on from the subject of wheat, the series “Was wo wie wächst” from German TV-station SWR now shines a light on potatoes for educational TV “Planet Schule”. Director Susanne Decker accompanies this important crop plant on its way from sapling through to harvesting and shows us the various possibilities of how to use and process potatoes in farming, as foodstuff and for industrial purposes.


Film score for documentary 'Future Works'

Most people have it and those who don’t, want it… work.

For many of us work is meaningful and fulfilling, on the other hand for others it is an un-loved and necessary evil. It claims the main part of a human’s lifetime. But at its heart work is constantly evolving and many of the concepts of working, which seem to be nor-mal and self-evident to us since the age of industrialization, are in fact comparatively young and might even lose their universality in the future. So how will we work in the future? Director Natasa von Kopp follows up on those and associated questions about the future of work for German TV station SWR.