Music for TV commercial 'Munich' of Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL)

Annecy, Pyeongchang, Munich – nothing has been decided yet when it comes to the question who might host the Olympic Winter Games 2018, and each of these cities looks ahead excitedly to the choice of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

If it was up to the Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL), the decision would be clear. With their current TV commercial “Munich” they support Munich’s candidacy for the Olympic application and for that reason director Marc Hartmann fields Katarina Witt, Jürgen Klopp, Lukas Podolski and other sports professionals.


Music for TV-commercial of Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL)

If you have seen so far German soccer pros wearing a fencing suite and holding an épée in their hand or a pentathlete who gets trained by a soccer coach, then it’s a matter of a serious poor eyesight or – far more likely – the joint campaign „Sportler für Sportler“ from Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) and Bundesliga-foundation for Deutsche Sporthilfe.


Film score, sound design and final mix for Philips educational movie

Who actually knows exactly the meaning of “sudden cardiac death”, how to identify it and how to administer first aid, if necessary? And who actually knows exactly what a defibrillator is, how to handle and where to find one, when urgently needed?

Many people think these questions are not very important, because they are far away from daily life. But every second counts, if the extreme situation appears, in which a person in the close proximity suffers a sudden cardiac death - and with a little bit knowledge and acting without delay a live can easily be saved.


Music for TV-commercial of R+V-Versicherungen

If one should describe the future with the help of a picture, what would it look like? Like a park bench populated with city pigeons or rather like a beach chair with a seagull shambling by in front? And how about flexibility? Similar to a forward bend, where the finger tips hardly reach the ankles or rather like setting the palm of the hand easily to the floor?


Music for TV-commercial 'Opel - Signs'

There are a lot of possibilities to give hints. And there are a lot of possibilities to read those signs. Some are e.g. rather subtle and others a broad hint. Directly after standing up the family man in the Opel-Spot “Signs” has to handle some hints of that second category and director Marc Hartmann accompanies our protagonist, when he swinging starts his day, keeping some messages for him.


Music for Opel-commercial 'Couple'

What should an old couple get worked up, when they stroll around in consensually silentness, like they always did in the last years? It seems a long time, since real enthusiasm impels to play one’s hunch. Director Marc Hartmann illustrates in his commercial “Couple” for automotive manufacturer Opel, that things can be different and that it does not depend on the age, whether a spark overleaps.