Musik für Kino-Werbung der Affordable Art Fair

Dass hochwertige Kunst nicht immer gleichbedeutend mit astronomischen Preisen sein muss, zeigt die Affordable Art Fair dieses Jahr erneut in Hamburg. Aus diesem Grund werden auf der Kunstmesse Exponate bis zu einem Preislimit von 7.500 € angeboten und für ein breiteres Publikum zugänglich gemacht.


Soundtrack for the motion picture 'Ummah – Unter Freunden'

To be among friends usually means to pass a happy time without worries. But Daniel (Frederick Lau) has worries galore. He has to go underground for a few months after his mission as an undercover agent went awry.

When starting a new life in Berlin-Neukölln he accidentally meets Abbas (Kida Khodr Ramadan) – and, with him, the warmth and generosity of an entire culture. Despite clichés and prejudices, the two men befriend each other, and Daniel sinks deeper and deeper into the world of Islam – a process that results in consequences when his former life catches up with him.


Film score for motion picture 'Zeytin Zamani'

Who can say where and how we'll fall in love? And so young Zeytin could never have possibly dreamed that her true love would be, of all people, a foreigner she meets under adverse circumstances, who doesn't speak her language, and who seems even poorer than she already is.

In the German-Turkish motion picture "Zeytin Zamani" director Mehmet Çoban tells the remarkable story of Zeytin and her search for true love.


Film score and sound design for documentary '40 Wochen – Von der Keimzelle zum Kind'

Currently, on average, just about four children come into this world every single second. This corresponds to the incredible number of over 130 million births annually worldwide. As natural and inevitable as it is that our existence depends on Birth, the whole complex process required for the emergence of each human life as it goes through its various stages of development is just that much more amazing.


Film score for motion picture 'Mes - Walking' and its trailer

Friendship is something wonderful. Under ideal conditions it also develops, when obvious differences, e.g. in age, look or style, don’t let it show that two people are connected deep inside despite outward appearance.

“Walking” (“Mes”), the Kurdish motion-picture from director Shiar Abdi, deals with such a friendship. The movie is set in the 1980’s, where Cengo (Abdullah Ado), a twelve year old boy and the odd, dumb and slightly mentally deranged Xelilo (Selamo) – a man living in an old garage and scuffing and striding up and down in front of the town hall day after day – slowly become friends. They spend more and more time with each other and with Cengo’s friends, as they unexpectedly are drawn into the tribulations of the Turkish take-over of power, which radically changes their lives and those of their families and friends.


Music for Palmberg corporate film

„I fancy the office!“ is the claim of Palmberg, one of the biggest office furniture manufacturer in Europe, doing its very best to make it ring true – at least when it comes to the interior design of an office. To let everyone know about the passion and demands on manufacturing their products, the corporate film from director Marc Hartmann gives an insight into the production processes and product lines with aesthetic images.


Film score for animated movie 'Mercury Bird'

Whether a great discovery will be a benefit for the world or to its disadvantage, does not depend on the discovery itself, but rather on the way it will be used. That’s also the case in Ina Findeisens 2D animation movie. She shows us an enchanting, well protected world, where various animals live together in a wood and feed troublesome. One day the young Panda makes a discovery in the forest, which brings one of the adults to an idea how to get easily around to a lot food – and greed comes up, fading everything else from the spotlight.


Film score, sound design and 5.1-final mix for animated movie 'Bear’s Bride'

Meetings between man and bear are doubtful most of the time. Too often they result in headlines like “Bear eats man”, Man kills bear” or people only know circus-, zoo- or problem-bears. The 2D animation move “Bear’s Bride” from Derek Roczen also tells from such a meeting, but of different cast, as a young bear and a young woman come across in the forest and become friends quickly. From now on they live together, share bed and hut and would probably live happily ever after, if the bear wouldn’t grow up more and more and reaches adulthood.


Film score for short film 'Trueville'

If one wakes up one morning as usual – possibly even too late, as ususal – but the rest of the day goes on absolutely unusual - possibly even that way, that it’s hard to believe – then it might be one plays the leading role of “Trueville”.


Music für Socialspot 'Agapedia'

If one asks children about their career aspiration – and if every dream came true – there would be masses of astronauts, veterinaries, engine drivers and digger operators. But if children grow up in a miserable setting, this could be shattered dreams and reality could be entirely different. Fortunately children are not aware of that yet.


Film score, sound design and final mix for room installation '3 – Die Liebe ist der Dieb'

If you think of love and only that beautiful and romantic love comes into your mind, you can be sure, that a substantially part is missing. That’s the reason why director Dirk Lehner introduces in his movie „3 – Die Liebe ist der Dieb“ both sides of love by his protagonists: „She-Love“, the pure, sublime, nearly divine part of love and “He-Love”, the doubting, unromantic part, who although does his work with best intentions regarding the lovers.