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Film Excerpts and Showreels

Music composed for films or commercials is best experienced in its audiovisual context. In the following video area, showreels, film excerpts or complete commercials including their music can therefore be streamed. The music can be sorted by genre, instrumentation or mood. Depending on the system, it may be necessary to wait a few seconds before all work samples are loaded.


Audio Examples

To concentrate exclusively on the music, film music cues or music from commercials are available in the audio area without the other audio layers of your film. The music is broadly grouped by mood or style. Other cues of film scores or commercials can be found outside of the playlists on the SoundCloud profile.


Awards and Nominations

Awards are both recognition and an incentive to continue composing outstanding music for films or commercials. The film music was awarded or nominated at international film music and film festivals in Europe and the USA.



For the following clients and brands, music has been successfully composed and produced with fun and passion, sounds designed, bent and polished, complete sound worlds designed and much more.