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Frank Schreiber
Film Scores &
Sound Design

Tailor-made compositions of dramaturgical music | Detailed Sound Design | Audio productions in stereo, surround and 3D audio

Portrait Frank Schreiber

Welcome! Since  2004, I'm working as a film composer and sound designer for cinema and TV. But telling stories with my own music has fascinated me for a longer time: since childhood on the piano, later with synthesizers and a lot of electronics, then in bands. This fascination still forms the basis of my work as a film composer and sound designer.

Every time it lets me dive deep into the world of a film in order to tell its story individually on the sound level - from orchestral to electronic film scores or beyond genre boundaries. Awards such as the German Film Music Award are both confirmation and motivation to always hit the right note. So that a film is not only seen, but also felt through the music.

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