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Film Score Com­po­si­tion and Pro­duc­tion

Before the unique world of a film can be told with the right music, a journey into the innermost parts of the film begins. The subsequent development of all the facets of a tailor-made film score guarantees optimal integration and interaction of the music at all levels and throughout the film.


Com­po­si­tion and Pro­duc­tion of Music for Com­mer­cials

Commercials that tell their story within seconds need music that sets the right emotions right from the start. Composed with perfect timing and style, the music helps the ad convey its message persuasively.


Sound Design

With the right sound design, details of fascinating slow-motion recordings suddenly become just as audible as the interior projection of characters in a film. An armada of highly specialized sound design tools is available to precisely implement the sound ideas.


Film Mixes

As a film composer and sound designer, I know the effect of the individual elements of film sound very well. This gives the necessary sensitivity and sound imagination to achieve an optimal result for the respective film with the right film mix.


Pro­fes­si­o­nal Ar­ti­cles & Know­ledge Trans­fer

As a freelance author, I have been writing professional articles or reviews for specialist magazines in the fields of film music and sound design for over 10 years. As a lecturer, I also pass on my experience to students from colleges or universities in the form of seminars, if time allows.