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Taylor-Made Music for Feature Films, Documentaries and Animation Films

With more than 20 years of professional experience as a film composer for cinema and TV films and 18 awards and nominations in Europe and the USA (including winner of the German Film Music Award), I am always passionate about searching for the individual "soul" of the film, to carry on the spirit of the unique world of the respective film with a sensitively conceived and composed film music on the acoustic level and to make it tangible.

Due to my broad musical background, I move stylistically through the most diverse musical genres, so that the ideal musical style and the right musical language can be found for the film. The spectrum ranges here e.g. from classical film music in an orchestral context, to rock / pop, to compositions of purely electronic film score. Or even beyond that, when the film score consciously explores boundaries off the beaten track, musical styles merge or redefine. Because the movie requires it.

All this for an optimal integration of the music into the film, for an optimal interaction with the film. For the right emotions at the right moment and with the necessary sensitivity. And for the development of the characters, their themes, the dramaturgy. With a musical concept that can add another dimension to the film on an artistic level. So that the best possible combination of film and music creates synergy effects and thus creates something special: films that touch.

Music Productions in Stereo, Surround or 3D Audio

Recordings of soloists or ensembles, up to recordings of large orchestras are used in my film music productions as well as virtual or real synthesizers, ethnic instruments or a complete band. Be it for the actual film score or for songs that I write and produce specifically for the film. Of course, this also includes source music.

In addition to stereo, the music for the film can also be composed and produced directly in 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. Mixing in binaural 3D audio formats or preparations for formats such as Dolby Atmos are also possible. The transfer to the studio for film mixing is done in stereo or surround stems, as a Pro Tools project or in other formats if desired.

If, for example, the existing budget or time frame requires other music production methods, a film score production completely "out-of-the-box", with terabytes of the finest sample libraries or as a hybrid score, is also possible without any problems.

No matter which production method is ultimately chosen for the film score, high-quality film scores are created in my acoustically optimized studio, produced absolutely suitable for cinemas or broadcasting.

In addition, the same great passion and care is always used to explore the musical side of the film and bring it to the best possible sound in partnership with directors, editors and producers.

Film Scores and Sound Design From a Single Source

With a long professional experience as a sound designer as well as a film composer, I am very familiar with the special features and requirements of both levels.

In addition to composing the film music, I often create the sound design for the same film. In the case of animated sequences or even complete animated films, I conceive and design either a large part or the entire audio level from scratch.

In my work as a film composer, I always pay attention to the needs of sound design - and vice versa. So that in the end there is perfect integration of both levels and no competition for their attention.

Spheres of Action

  • Film Score Composition

  • Orchestration & Arrangement

  • Songwriting

  • Musical Concept & Music Supervision

  • Sound Programming

  • Recording

  • Music Mixing
    (Stereo / 5.1, 7.1 / 3D-Audio)

  • Mastering

Music for...

  • Cinema- and TV-Films

  • Feature Films

  • Animated Films

  • Dokumentaries

  • Serials

  • Corporate Films

  • Product Films

  • Commercials

  • Radio Plays