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Sound Design
for Films &

Detailed Sound Design for Films, Animations and Commercials

As a sound designer for TV-, cinema films and commercials, I also create special moods, similar to my work as a film composer. Here, however, with the correct sound design of the sounds on the audio level. By creating individual sounds, as well as tailor-made soundtracks with the right expression and exact timing, I exploit the potential of the images in a film or a commercial to create convincing audiovisual experiences with detailed sounds.

Depending on the concept and sound-universe of the film, the spectrum of sound design is huge. It ranges from real, functional sounds to hybrid textures and synthetic "bigger-than-live" sounds. With the right audio post-production, the finest details of a microcosm suddenly become just as audible as fascinating slow-motion recordings or the inner world of the characters.

But the simulation of natural sound environments is also relevant. When it comes to sound design for animated films, for example, I create the majority of the film's sound world from scratch and design it to a large extent - in each case tailored to the style and genre of the film in question, for optimal integration of image and sound.

Sound Generation and Design in Various Multi-Channel Formats

Depending on the intended area of ​​application of the sound design, the sounds are created e.g. on the basis of extensive sound libraries or with the help of virtual or real synthesizers. Strong alienation of real or virtual musical instruments, or own recordings of various sounds are also daily occurrence in order to reach the desired goal.

An armada of the most diverse and highly specialized sound design tools is available in my acoustically optimized studio to precisely implement sound ideas. This is how tailor-made sound worlds are created, with the aesthetics that match the film or advertising and the right emotional expression.

Apart from stereo, I also produce the sounds for post-production directly in 5.1 or 7.1 surround formats. In addition, sound design can also be done in binaural 3D audio formats or in preparation for formats such as Dolby Atmos. The transfer to external studios for film mixing takes place as a Pro Tools session, surround stems or in other desired formats.

Audio Post-Production From a Single Source: Music, Sound Design and Supervision for Animated Films

With the same long professional experience as a multiple award-winning film composer (e.g. German Film Music Award), I also design the musical world of a film.

Through the combination of sound design and composed film scores, I create the largest part of the complete audio level of the film for animated films or animated sequences from a single source: dramaturgically, emotionally and aesthetically optimally coordinated. Always ideally integrated without competing for attention. And of course with the advantage of short distances through a single contact person.

The extension to a sound design team is also easily possible through my network of professional sound designers. Speaking of which: If necessary, I act as a sound supervisor who also oversees the entire sound team, e.g. foley artist, mixer, studio, etc. coordinated reliably and never loses sight of the vision of the desired overall sound.

Spheres of Action

  • Sound Creation

  • Audio Post Production

  • Hard FX

  • Atmospheres

  • Sound Concept & Sound Supervision

  • Audio Dubbing

  • Sound Programming

  • Foley

  • Field Recordings

  • Studio Recordings

Sound Design for...

  • Feature Films

  • Animated Films

  • Dokumentaries

  • Science-Fiction

  • Slow Motion

  • Commercials

  • Promotional Films

  • Corporate Filme

  • Product Films

  • Audio Logos & Sound Branding

  • Radio Plays