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for Com­mer­cials

Music Produced to the Point for TV and Cinema Commercials, Promotional Films and Product Films

As a composer for commerials of Europe-wide TV campaigns for e.g. Opel or Hyundai, as well as national TVCs or cinema advertising for e.g. DFL or R+V Insurance, I know what it means to hit the right note in a tight time frame.

Commercials that tell their story within seconds need music that sets the right emotions right from the start, combined with perfect timing and the right style so that the message is convincing.

18 awards and nominations in Europe and the USA (including the German Film Music Award), as well as my more than 19 years of professional experience as a qualified film composer and sound designer, speak for themselves.

For me as a composer for commercials, songwriting and soundalikes are just as much a part of the repertoire as audio logos and sound branding or dramaturgically composed or commented music - whether electronic or orchestral, with real or synthetic instruments, indie or mainstream.

Variable Team Sizes and Multichannel Setups in Music Production

In addition to a large catalog of professional studio musicians, a network of professionally working composers for advertising and film can also be accessed if required. The music team is freely scalable and can be adapted to the framework conditions of each project.

In my acoustically optimized studio, high-quality and absolutely broadcast or cinema-compatible music productions for commercials are created, using the latest technology. Be it with Terrabytes of the finest sample libraries, or with real musicians, from rock bands to recordings of large orchestras.

The available formats in which the music for commercials can be composed and produced are diverse. In addition to stereo, advertising music can also be implemented in 5.1 or 7.1 or in binaural 3D audio. For the optimal impact and the greatest possible emotional effect.

Sound Design for 3D Animated Commercials

For full 3D animated commercials, or commercials with no recorded set audio, you can go wild with an audio layer created and designed from the scratch. Music and sound design are then perfectly related to each other, which brings the pictures to life acoustically in the best possible way.

As a composer and sound designer, I create an audio layer with coordinated audio events that complement and integrate each other without colliding.

Spheres of Action

  • Music Composition

  • Music Production

  • Songwriting

  • Soundalikes

  • Audio Logo & Sound Branding

  • Sound Programming

  • Recordings

  • Musical Concept & Music Supervision

  • Music Mixing
    (Stereo / 5.1, 7.1 / 3D-Audio)

  • Mastering

Musik for...

  • TV Commercials (TVCs)

  • Cinema-Commercials

  • Corporate Films

  • Promotional Films

  • Product Films

  • Virals

  • Animated Commercials (incl. Sound Design)