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Mixes for Films, Short Films and Commercials

In order for films to have their full effect, convincing sound is essential. However, when it comes to film mixing, it's not just about volume ratios. Equally important are the rooms, the offset in depth and the design of the elements, as well as many other factors.

As a film composer and sound designer, I know the effect of the individual elements very well and have the necessary sensitivity and sound imagination to achieve the best possible result for the respective film with the matching film mix.

Original sound restorations are a matter of course, as is the removal of background noise or clipping. Overall, highly specialized audio tools are used for comprehensive processing of the audio elements of the film, so that corrections remain unobtrusive and interventions are only audible when they are intended to come to the fore as a creative stylistic device.

Additional Sounds or Musical Content

If the original atmospheres are not meaningful enough or there are simply no audio events of actions that can be seen in the film but not heard, this can be easily delivered later. As a sound designer for films, animated films or commercials, I have a fully equipped sound archive and many years of professional experience to quickly identify critical issues and take care of them.

As a film composer with just as much professional experience as a sound designer, I am also happy to help if there is a need for additional music, when e.g. source music or composed, dramaturgical film music is required. Missing music can either be licensed from a catalog of existing compositions or composed and produced from scratch. If the project is still at the beginning of post-production, I'm also happy to take over the full scope of the respective departments.

Mixes and Pre-Mixes in Stereo, Surround or Binaural 3D

The film mixes are completed in the acoustically optimized studio as a stereo mix or as a 5.1 or 7.1 surround mix. In addition, mixes are also possible in binaural 3D audio format. In addition, premixes can be created in order to finalize them in the desired format in an external studio. The transfer for this is possible as a Pro Tools session or in other desired formats.

Spheres of Action

  • Sound Concept

  • Mixing

  • Pre-Mix

  • Audio Restauration

  • Denoising

  • Sound Design

  • Source Music

  • Film Score

  • Music Licensing

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