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Manou The Swift Manou The Swift

At the same time as the theatrical release of the animation feature "Manou The Swift" most of the film score can be streamed at SoundCloud, prior to the release of the full soundtrack.

In addition to many intrumental cues, you can also listen to the film song "Fly With Me", performed by Cassandra Steen.

To be notified when the complete soundtrack of "Manou The Swift" has been published, a ready-made mail can be sent by clicking the following link:

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Of course, data and email addresses will not be passed on to third parties and will only be used to notify you, when the complete soundtrack is available.

The film score of "Manou the Swift" has been awarded with the "German Film Music Award" (Deutscher Filmmusikpreis) in the category "Best music in Animation Feature".

Nomination of the film score from "Manou the Swift" for "Deutscher Filmmusikpreis" 2019

More information about the music and the sound design of "Manou The Swift" can be found here.


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