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Music, Sound Design and Final Mix for Karuna Social Spot

What We Did

  • Film Score Composition

  • Film Score Production

  • Sound Design

  • Film Mix


  • Director: Maryam Miremadi

  • Agency: JWT

  • Production: Tempomedia


Sometimes we whish we could turn back time – preferably just before that moment when mistakes have been made or for quitting bad habits, before they become a problem. That’s what the social spot for Karuna e.V., a society for addiction prevention under the patronage of Hannelore Elsner, is about. 

Director Maryam Miremadi is dealing with time in a specific way, because it only sometimes gets evident, that time is running reverse in the entire spot. The music refers to that apparent change of normal and reversed time.

The electronic music behaves like the smoke of the smoker in the spot and gets deconstructed, reversed and swallowed up at the corresponding scenes. Thus music came to being, which is extremely interlocked with the visual layer, getting in- and exhaled, but always keeps musically reasonableness – and which is with highest probability not harmful to health.