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Supervision and Sound Design for Art-House Movie 'The Galileo's Moons'

What We Did

  • Sound Supervision

  • add. Sound Design

  • add. Film Mix


  • Director: Quimu Casalprim i Suárez

  • Production: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln

  • Sound Supervision: Frank Schreiber


A ferryman, three teenagers and the river Rhine – these are the protagonists of Quimu Casalprim i Suárez’ art-house movie „The Galileo's moons“, which deals among other things with loneliness and growing up. Over its total length of 50 minutes it gets by without any dialogue, which automatically draws the attention to the audio of the film.

When creating the sound design of several scenes, but also during the supervision of the complete auditory level of the movie, it was fundamental on the one hand to keep the sound design very natural and discreet. On the other hand it was important to sometimes use it dramaturgically by bringing it to the foreground, so the story also gets told by what can be heard. This huge dynamic makes it possible for the sound to achieve an emotional effect, which leads the audience through the different moods of the movie without missing the nonexistent dialogue.