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Film Score for Documentary 'Schöne virtuelle Welt'

What We Did

  • Film Score Composition

  • Film Score Production

  • Musical Concept


  • Director: Angélique Kommer

  • Producer: Philipp Knauss

  • Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

  • Film Score: Frank Schreiber, Frank Zerban


Welcome to the parallel universe of Counterstrike and co. The documentary from Angélique Kommer accompanies people, who spend plenty of their time in virtual reality – either playing network-games or surfing in the web – and presents their opinions and habits.

Beside its layer of documentary reality the movie also has a virtual layer, which expresses in clip-like edited sequences, leaving enough room for music to unfold. The film score, of which half of the cues composed Frank Zerban, is modern and in an electronic style, has clubby character, but also makes for electro-pop with vocals.