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Film Score for Short Film 'Adam in VR' for documenta 11

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What We Did

  • Film Score Composition

  • Film Score Production

  • Sound Design

  • Film Mix


  • Director: Angélique Kommer

  • Producer: Bettina Morlock

  • Production: Arte & Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

  • Film Score: Frank Schreiber

  • Sound Design: Frank Schreiber

  • Film Mix: Frank Schreiber


For most of us Adam and Eve are firmly connected with the biblical beginning of mankind and thus automatically related with the past. In the movie „Adam in VR“ from Angelique Kommer we meet them nevertheless in the future, making their experiences with virtual realities. Adam gets emotional deeply touched by watching going-ons on reproduced realities but he also blunts quickly. Only the real touch in terms of Eve’s hug, gets him touched emotional again.

The instrumentation and composition of the music refers to that contrasts of reality and virtuality, of emotions and the lack of emotion, what from two different styles result: The larger part in the beginning is rather cool, electronic and rhythmic with harsh beats - and because of its synthetic background itself arising from virtuality. The other style is warm, melodically, harmonically and composed of real instruments like piano and strings, representing reality.