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Film Score for Documentary 'Skulpturenweg Abenheim - Kunst verändert Räume'

What We Did

  • Film Score Composition 

  • Film Score Produktion 


  • Director: Jonas Volz

  • Production: Volz 21

  • Film Score: Frank Schreiber


Art in the midst of the vineyards? The Abenheim Sculpture Trail stands for the successful implementation of this interesting experiment.

When these different worlds come together, interactions arise and thus also questions, e.g. how space changes art or how art changes space. Director Jonas Volz pursues the last question in his documentary, talks to the artists and stages their works of art in the vineyards.

The film score takes up the tension between tradition and modernity and combines instruments such as acoustic guitars, violins, orchestral samples or electric guitars with electronic beats and modern sounds. Each sculpture gets its own musical robe and is dressed appropriately in terms of style and emotion. All in all, this resulted in a positive, experimental and sound-affine film music, which traces the carefree vibe of the sculpture path with its often swinging beats.

The film score was funded by the Rhineland-Palatinate Foundation for Culture.