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Theme Music for New WDR-TV-Series 'Übernachtung & Frühstück'

What We Did

  • Theme Music Composition

  • Theme Music Production


  • Director: Frank Diederichs

  • Editorial WDR: Philipp Bitterling, Dagmar Kieselbach

  • Production: Encanto

  • Theme Musik: Frank Schreiber


As their career goes along well-known contemporaries get a distinctive image – whether they like it or not – which lingers in the memory of the public. So actors get often reduced to their most famous role or other celebrities get identified with that part of their live, they have to present to the public. But what about the “normal live” of these people, how do they live, how do they spend their free time, which person is behind that image, he or she gets identified with?

Lisa Ortgies explores these questions at the new TV-serial of WDR „Übernachtung & Frühstück“ while moving in and living 24 hours of daily live together with the corresponding person in their home. So one gets to know celebrities beyond their public image and the friendly atmosphere on the one hand and the close proximity on the other hand let come a couple of surprises and emotional moments to light.

For the theme music it was important to incorporate these aspects like a positive atmosphere, the proximity, the fresh and cheeky spirit of that serial. So in the end a fresh and pleasant music with acoustic and electric guitars, bass, electro-beats, strings and warm female vocals came into being, which comes around with a smile.