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Film Score for Further Episodes of SWR-Series 'Das kleine 1x1 der Artenkunde'

What We Did

  • Film Score Composition

  • Film Score Production


  • Director: Dirk Neumann

  • Editorial SWR: Monika Buscher

  • Production: SWR

  • Film Score: Frank Schreiber

  • Sound Design: Karl Atteln

  • Theme-Song: Frank Schreiber

  • Lyrics: Dirk Neumann


Four more films were produced for the SWR series "Das kleine 1x1 der Artenkunde" to bring children closer to the special features of our animal world. This time it's all about: "Recognizing and distinguishing songbirds", "Recognizing and distinguishing birds of prey", "Crawling animals: the spider is not an insect" and "Animals of the African savannah".

The film music expands on the musical language already found, but also builds on the themes and styles developed in the first episodes. Depending on the topic of the film, this time, for example, exciting, filigree or even tribal-like film music can be heard.