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Nomination of the Film Score of 'Mes - Walking' and 'Palmberg' for Jerry Goldsmith Award

What We Did

  • Film Score Composition

  • Film Score Production

  • Musical Concept


  • Film Score Awards:

  • „Golden Orange Award“ in the Category „Best Music“, International Filmfestival Antalya, Turkey

  • „Bronze Medal for Excellence“ in the Category „Best Use of Music in Full-Length Feature Film”, Park City Film Music Festival, USA

  • Nomination for „Jerry Goldsmith Award" in the Category „Best music in full-length format”, International Film Music Festival Úbeda, Spain

  • Nomination for „Crystal Pine Award" in the Category „Best original Score (Feature Film)”, International Film Music Festival Samobor, Croatia

  • Film-Awards:

  • „Golden Orange Award“ in the Category „Best Art Direction“, International Film Festival Antalya, Turkey

  • „Best Director Award“, Suliemaniah Film Festival, Irak


The film score of the Kurdish feature film “Mes - Walking“ and the music of the corporate movie “Palmberg“ are both nominated at the 7. International Film Music Festival - City of Ubeda for the Jerry Goldsmith Award 2011. The music of “Mes - Walking“ is in competition as finalist in the category “Best music in full-length format“ and the music of “Palmberg“ in the category “Best music in promotional“.

Further information about the movies and their film scores: